Kemetic Polytheist • Pacific Northwest, USA

Atefwepwawet works with painting, drawing, and digital media, and is seeking commissions.

My Artistic Practice

The main goal of my artistic practice is to honor the gods. I am primarily a digital artist who also dabbles in watercolor occasionally, and I try to tell a bit of a story with each digital painting, portraying a small piece of a myth or a deity’s epithet in each piece. I typically draw animals and landscapes, in order to honor the less human side of our gods. I offer prints of almost all my devoted artwork, and originals on occasion.

My Religious Practice

I am primarily a Kemetic polytheist, i.e. I worship the Ancient Egyptian gods. My patron deity is Wepwawet, and I also have close relationships with Aset (Isis), Anubis, and Sobek. Additionally, I am a member of ADF (druidry), and honor the Romano-Celtic goddess Nehalennia in that context.

How My Practices Intersect

To the Ancient Egyptians, art was inherently sacred, and producing beautiful imagery was a way of honoring the gods and telling stories that would last for millennia. I would like to follow in this tradition, which is why the vast majority of my art celebrates the many gods — even if I don’t have a relationship with all of the gods I paint, it still brings me joy to give Them a gift of devotional artwork. (Plus, it’s a small form of advertising for Them, as in many cases with the less commonly-depicted gods, stumbling across my art is the first time that viewers have heard of Them.) When I create art in traditional media (watercolor, ink, etc.) I also offer libations and candle flames to the deity being depicted, in order to make a more complete offering.