Hellnic Polytheist and Spirit Worker •  USA

Dver works with analog photography, mixed media, and animal remains,
and is seeking an a udience (unavailable for custom work).

My Artistic Practice

I go where the spirits lead. I learn new techniques and work with new mediums as required by whatever I am called to create. Because of this, I am definitely a jack-of-all-trades type rather than a master of any craft. My art-making is very sporadic as well; it tends to happen in phases with sometimes long periods of no activity in between, while I focus on other expressions of my religious life.

My Religious Practice

I dwell at the margins of the Hellenic tradition, with a focus on mysticism, magic, divination, trance, and devotional practice. My world in that regard revolves around Dionysos, with a side of Hermes. I do also honor a couple deities from the Northern tradition. Concurrent and increasingly intertwined with all of this is my spirit-work, involving both local/land-based and personal spirits.

How My Practices Intersect

There are several ways this happens. In the most straightforward way, I might create ritual implements or regalia, depictions of deities and spirits (especially masks), or devotional offerings. I often work animistically with the spirits of the materials I am using, and I usually create within at least a loosely ritualistic setting. But also, I have dedicated myself to serve a group of spirits who are particularly aesthetically inclined, for whom art could be said to be language, and even food. 

Under Their direction, I not only create the aforementioned items, but also use art as doorways in the wider world, leaving “glamourbombs” for others to find and potentially function as oracles and/or entrances to the spirit realm. Going further, I consider every aspect of my life as a way to express the aesthetics and symbolism of these spirits, and so strive to make my home, my everyday life, my physical body and adornments, all part of the art I create for Them on an ongoing basis.