Lannan Delano Chicue-Cuauhtli

Devotional Huehuemexicatl • Unceeded Musqueam Land, Canada

Lannan works with painting, narrative, fiber, and object-making, and is seeking buyers and patrons.

My Artistic Practice

I am a Chicano painter, illustrator, object-maker, and iconographer. My work focuses primarily on using natural media to engage the numinous through the experience of Nepantla, or “in-between-ness”, bridging modern and ancestral. In my paintings I try to capture impressions of sacred landscape and dreamscape, mingling memory with experience, theophany, meditation, and rootedness in place. In my narrative work, my aim is to facilitate communion: tell mythic stories that are at once entertaining, beautiful, and contribute to sacred reality.

My Religious Practice

I am a Spirit-taught practitioner of 20 years, with equal emphasis on building votary contemplative practice and building relationships with Spirits. I am also a polytheist and mystic in relationship with several Gods, mostly of pre-Colombian Mesoamerica. In addition, my religious life revolves around maintaining devotional cultus to the God Chaak and building community around Huehuemexicatl.

How My Practices Intersect

I make use of a ritual artistic calendar to foster a cycles of creative output that is timed according to sacred days and strictures. My mixed-use studio is regularly cleansed in preparation for religious work, divination is performed before major undertakings, and offerings are made at points during the process of making select works. I have made icons, houses for Spirits, ritual paraphernalia, art glamorbombs, and offerings for genus loci. I routinely use art and iconography as a form of service and sacrifice to the Gods, and use the process of icon-making to experience and worship Them.

Currently, I am exploring the mysteries of the colors blue and red at the behest of my daimones, and how they have been historically used in the Americas. I am also undertaking more iconographic work for the Gods of the Mexica, the Teteo.