Poeta Immortalis

Kemetic Polytheist •  Germany

Poeta Immortalis works with painting, drawing, jewelry, and photography, and is seeking buyers.

My Artistic Practice

Art is for me a very impotant technique to deepen my connections and understanding, to portalize, to do heka and finally to pave the way for the goddesses and gods. My artistic practice is in fact not the beginning of the whole process, but more precisely its middle part. When I begin a new artwork I already have a complete picture in mind or even on paper, including (spiritual) experiences and for some cases scientific research at hand to find the proper way to depict the netjeru. But there is also stuff I can't prepare myself for. Some details get their final form and color not until the right inspirations came in the work process. These inspirations give additional life to my work and my art in general inhibits multiple layers of truths and messages. Some are available to everyone, some other only to people different stages of initiation. It sometimes goes down the proverbial rabbit hole. So hold tight your tea cups and straighten your hats.

My Religious Practice

I have a reconstructed hard polytheist kemetic ritual practice with offerings, prayers and also music and heka. I especially love to offer flower bouquets and herbs from my garden, as well as selfmade perfumes. This is connected to my herbal alchemical praxis. I sometimes reconstruct historical alchemical work and conduct experiments. They lead me to unique spiritual insights, which are also connected to the kemetic goddesses and gods. As part of my regular ritual praxis I venerate my ancestors and communicate with the dead. From time to time divination forms an important component of my religious practice. But I not only use reconstructed methods from ancient egypt, but also Tarot in its many shapes and artsy designs. Knowing it is not originated in kemetic egypt, I choose this modern and now nevertheless historical ritual tool anyway, because I love how versatile and aesthetic it is. Tarot is much more than just divination and many decks are even more or less kemetic themed or resemble ancient egyptian themes in some way. You can see, I am a Tarot nerd, but this is for sure not the only thing I am nerdy about. As Oneironaut my daily dream work has a significant influence on my spiritual work, because it is part of the communication and interaction with the otherworldly realms and ancestors and I use it as a self analysis and therapeuthic tool. Beginning and end come together in form of my nightly dive into the waters of Nun. To write my dream book is my first spiritual practice everyday and the dream work itself my last.

How My Practices Intersect

Basically my artistic and religious practices are all interwoven and I do not have secular art per se. That's because for me there is only one big really complex, diverse, interesting and colorful world which I constantly fill with my heka and the power of the Netjeru even through actions that my look mundane first, but are all inspired by my living spirituality and especially by Ma'at. In recognizing the complexity of the world and rejecting simplificating and hateful misinterpretations of the world, I feed a strong urge in myself to research, to find the many truths, to understand all the mysteries. That's why I read alot of current scientific literature and work with it. The knowledge I gain from that, becomes part of my paintings of course. But I do art also to deepen my understanding of dreams, visions, spirit journeys and to deepen and intesify my connection to special goddesses and gods. Finally my art is a key for me to interpret the signs and messages I receive from them. The pieces of art that may look mundane from the outside are mostly inspired by my political advocacy in the association VVN-BdA, which promotes the end of all nazism, liberty and peace according to the vow of Buchenwald and my special kind of theocratic anarchist lifestyle. Theocratic anarchism may sound like a paradox, but it is in fact a living synthesis of intellectualism, art, religion and politics, originally introduced by Walter Benjamin and Gershom Scholem. I only adapted the concept for Kemetism.