Introducing Atefwepwawet

Apr 24, 2020

How are we feeling during these troubled days? It cannot be stated enough that we have inherited strange times, that things are not normal, and that feeling fearful, worried, and tired are natural responses to the enormity of what’s happening to the world. May we all have the strength to stay hale and healthy.

For those of us who are moved to do so, let’s take comfort in art. Whether in depictions of our numinous powers, telling stories through the marks of our hands, or engaging with the act of making as ritual unto itself, art remains a vital method of staying connected with the world even as we are forced to put  limits on our relationships with nature and our local communities.

Let’s build community where we can: find us on #paganart or #numenarts on Twitter and Instagram, contribute your own works, process, and thoughts, and together we will have something to be proud of when we find ourselves on the other side!

Our First Artist

We are pleased to announce Atefwepwawet as Numen Art’s first artist to join the site! Please peruse their work and read about their practice through the link above, much of which is in dedication to Kemetic gods, and be sure to purchase prints if any of their devotional art speaks to you!