Introducing Selgiros Carantos Caitacos

Jun 21, 2022
by Numen Arts

I am, admittedly, overdue on this particular introduction, and I will insist that it is entirely due to error and not because of disinterest in his work! Selguiros' style and purpose is fascinating on several levels, and perhaps foremost of them is his penchant for being called to depict Gods that have little to no extant imagery for followers to draw upon, as well as depict Them in ways that deemphasize their anthropomorphic attributes. His images are raw and at times otherworldly, and shoud pique the interest of any polytheist looking for visual inspiration for the Gaulish Gods.

What does your art practice look like?

I usually let the Gods take the wheel and quickly draw a representation of Them, then I ink it in a felt tip marker. Afterwards, I photograph the drawing and place it through a program to break the line work and scratch it. After it's scratchy, I place it in an appropriate backdrop through an editing program, mostly photoshop. The hardest part is attempting to ask Them how they wish to be depicted through my stylings. 

What does your religious practice look like?

I practice Gaulish Polytheism, but very particular flavors of it. Firstly, I'm a Bolgos, which poetically means 'person who swells with fury', and then a Leitodubrākos, or 'gray water person'. Being one of the Bolgoi means that I worship Gods found in Gallia Belgica (mainly), but being a Leitodubrākos means that there are regional Gods found in the biome that I live with whom no one else has interacted with directly. These are very simplified explanations of course. These religio-cultures are martially and athletically focused. 

How do your practices intersect?

As I said above, I ask the Gods how They wish to be depicted in my style. There is also a hint of canticumancy that happens when I begin the process. I may hear a song that has a note from a God, and it will help guide my vision of Them.