Waiving the sign-up fee

Photo by PhotoMIX.

A happy May Day to everyone! Here in the unceded territory known as Vancouver, British Columbia,  the cherry blossoms have been in full bloom. The streets are swept up in blankets of pink and white: a sight, I’m sure, sacred to some of you. But COVID-19 continues to take its toll, even as the days grow longer, and we enter into the full swell of spring here in the North. So here’s some news that I hope will find you well.

Numen Arts is founded on a few basic principles: reciprocity, devotion, dedication, and dignity. Part of ensuring that these pillars stay strong, it was conceived at the outset that membership should cost something to keep Gift moving within the community. Money was the obvious answer, but couldn’t be prohibitive for anyone. The number 4 is sacred in my practice, so a $4 fee was implemented.

Then the virus hit North America, and the rest is history that is still in the making.

That fee is now being waived indefinitely. To encourage artists as these difficult days drag on, this is the least we can do to build reciprocity in the meantime! To clarify: until further notice – likely when lockdowns are over – it will cost nothing to join Numen Arts.

Thank you for following the site!

PS – If you didn’t know, Art & Numen is officially out! This is my treatise on the role of the artist in polytheist religious practice and community, and the reason this site exists. Please do have a look if you haven’t already. Also due to the COVID crisis, I am offering a PDF deal for $4.99. Pop over to my blog for more details.

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