Religion: Mexica/Yucatec polytheism, regional animism
British Columbia, Canada
Media: Painting, drawing, object and icon-making, comics
Seeking: Buyers, commissions, audience
Website/contact: boneblue.net, aquapunk.co 
Twitter: @rotworked

Describe your art practice.
I work primarily with paint, ink, and comics, though delve often into object-, icon-, and tool-making. My work is influenced by the primitive symbolism and minimalism of Paul Klee, Adolf Gottleib, Mark Rothko, among others, and the ancient artists of my religious tradition. I aim to highlight the use of earthen pigments and other natural materials in my work, showcasing the importance of natural color in building relationship with my local spirits and “colorshed”. In my comics work, I take inspiration from Alan Moore, Jack Kirby, and the whole of the 70’s psychedelic movement with the intent to create “porous” visual narratives whereby spirits and magic might find a foothold to influence the reader.

Describe your religious practice.
I am a spirit-taught practitioner of 20 years, with a heavy emphasis on building relationship and reciprocity with genus loci, ritual objects, and personal daemons. I am also a polytheist with devotional and working relationships with several gods, mostly of pre-Colomian Mesoamerica, though primary cultus revolves around deepening my relationship with the storm god Chaak.

How do your artistic and religious practices intersect?
I work within a ritual artistic calendar to foster a regular cycle of creative output that is timed according to sacred days and strictures. My mixed-use studio is regularly cleansed in preparation for religious work, divination is performed before major undertakings, and offerings are made at points during the process of making select works. I have made icons, houses for spirits, ritual paraphernalia, art glamorbombs, and offerings for genus loci. Currently, I am exploring the mysteries of the colors blue and red, and how they have been historically used in the Americas.