Religion: Kemetic Polytheism
Melbourne, Australia
Media: Painting
Seeking: Patrons
Twitter: @wingedphysique
Instagram: @setken


Describe your artistic practice.

I paint the Netjeru, the gods of Ancient Kemet (i.e. Ancient Egyptian Gods)

Describe your religious practice.

My interaction with the Netjeru is a daily, ongoing and immersive thing. This interaction influences my paintings and is inseparable from them. Whilst many meditations, interactions and inspirations end up in my art, a relationship exists outside of this too which we can term a Kemetic practice, and is based on the rediscovered texts from the Ancient Egyptian civilisation as well as my own closely followed intuition for how these interactions are to proceed.

How do your art and religions practices intersect?

In many ways they are inseparable. My artistic inclinations exist only to express the Netjeru in a modern setting. I can’t imagine painting a landscape or still life without Them being in it somehow. As I grow and evolve in my spirituality and understanding of Netjer, so too do my paintings grow, evolve, and develop.