Introducing Howie and Setken + a New Service for Members

A warm welcome to Howie and Setken, two artists new to the site. Please check out their work, and consider supporting them!

A warm welcome to two members to the site: Howie and Setken!


Howie is a religious witchcraft practitioner of many years, who serves several gods and many spirits through regular ritual practice, devotions, and sacred craft from within the Bavarian tradition. Be sure to browse her Etsy store, where she sells jewelry, ceramics, metalwork, and more. She is most famous for her knives and bladed tools.


Setken is a painter focusing primarily on larger, intricate works in service to the Netjeru. His works have placed in the Director’s Cut of the Blake Prize under the Religious and Spiritual Art category, and his painting, This Has All Happened Before And This Will All Happen Again, one of the selected pieces for the Blake Prize, features on the cover of Paul Harrison’s book, Profane Egyptologsts: The Modern Revival of Ancient Egyptian Religion.

Be sure to clink on the link to his Patreon.


In considering other ways that Numen Arts might be of help to the community, we have decided to start offering photo touch-up services to listed artists at the very low rate of $1 per image ($10 minimum).

Touch-ups include: cropping, straightening, watermarking, basic color correction, and image sharpening.

If you have photos of your work but would like them edited for your online portfolio or store, reach out through the Member Resources page and we will be happy to help.