New Works by Setken

Numen Arts member Setken has been venturing into multimedia work in dedication to lesser-known Netjeru through film and music. Below are two new multimedia pieces by the artist.


Setken released a 10 minute documentary in October that has both won and been short-listed for several independent awards. Set to a throbbing industrial beat, the artist narrates his experience of the mysterious god, and tells us the story of how he was moved to dig deep through history to discover more about who Abyt is.

Setken paints the Ancient Egyptian gods in a modern context. His only exhibition was in 2018, and now he’s exploring new ways to show his art. This documentary about a little known deity in the Kemetic pantheon combines his love of Kemeticism, AMG style beefcake, sci-fi horror kitsch, and hieroglyphs.


The song and accompanying music video for Hymn to the Soul Serpent (Hymn to Nehebukau) is both prayer and performative invocation by Setken and G.B. Marian.

Nehebukau is a lesser known Egyptian god but a powerful deity nonetheless; this song is a prayer and a magick that evokes the deity Himself and the 9 aspects of the soul that the Egyptians articulated.

Industrial ambient techno composed by GB Marian forms the luscious backbone of this track, whilst the video features lyricist and director Setken indulging his fascination with Athletic Model Guild (AMG) style films and Kemetic iconography as 10 paintings of his featuring Nehebukau are shown throughout.

More exciting work from Setken to come!