Reaffirming Our Solidarity

There is much chaos, pain, and conflict happening all across the world right now. Many of us have our eyes on the news, for better and for worse. We look for humanity in spaces big and small, and it hurts when we do not find it.

To make our mission clear: Numen Arts welcomes the contributions and involvement of polytheist pagans of all races, ethnicities, genders, orientations, neurologies, abilities, and ages. We acknowledge the inherent worth and dignity of all people, and the inherent right of all to worship the gods, proudly, openly and with all our being.

While I have built up this space as being god-focused, I do so with the understanding that politics is always on the periphery of religion, for religion is conducted in the world, and in the community. Solitude and isolation from the worldly community are fleeting states, and freedom from vigilance can only be afforded by those in power. Our customs, our temples, and our gods are always under threat of persecution, especially in times of crisis such as these, and divided and alone, we stand no chance against the march of colonialism, of totalitarianism, of capitalism, of industry, of empire, of war.

Now is the time for god-folk to come together and hold space, so that we might go out into the world with thunder at our backs, the ancestors under our feet, and a burning jewel in our hearts.