Engaging the Gods & building reciprocity through art

We are artists and artisans; seers and diviners; priests; hermits; devout; spirit-led. We are the inheritors of a tradition more ancient than history, a tradition as old as ritual itself.

Our work is made in devotion, in ecstasy, in the long hours of quiet contemplation. It is made in respect for material, and in reverence for that which—or Whom—it depicts. And it is fit for ritual space.

Numen Arts is a loosely affiliated collective of artists serving Gods, Spirits, and Ancestors through an assortment of media. What unites us is our purpose: art-making is a primary mode of worship and service for us, and we are constantly looking for ways to deepen our practice and excell at our craft.

In our previous life we had a full-fledged website. It's archived here.

I have only three prerequisites. Do you make art? Do you have gods? Do you wish to deepen your practice? These are the legs of our stool that everything else will be built on.

Art & Numen

To be listed, you must meet a few criteria:

If you think this is you, contact me via this form on my blog.